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Mobile Dog Grooming Colorado Springs

The Many Merits Of Mobile Grooming

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Our Expert Team

Our groomers have only the highest qualifications. All of our groomers are experienced and many have different certifications from around the state, often including CPR and first aid expertise to keep you pet safe, healthy, and beautiful.

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Exceptional Service

We strive to offer the best care to our clients. We put you and your pet’s needs first. If you’ve ever pondered: “which good groomers are near me?” you simply cannot beat mobile grooming. We’ll come right to your home!

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Great Prices

As you may know, even pet insurance doesn’t cover the cost of grooming, so finding a good value is important. Despite offering high-end features, our mobile grooming service is affordable.

Our Services


In addition to giving your pets a good brush, we’ll cut their hair to AKC standards and according to your personal preferences.

Ear Cleaning

Our mobile dog and cat groomers are happy to enhance your pets’ comfort and hearing by clearing the guck out of their ears.

Bath & Tidy Up

Baths, to scrub the dirt and grime away from your beloved pets’ coats. Our deep cleaning will leave your dog or cat’s fur feeling soft and smelling fresh.

Nail Trimming

This is a standard part of our mobile dog grooming. Your pooch should have his or her nails clipped at least once per month.

Happy Clients
Years Of Experience

Mobile Pet Grooming Colorado Springs

We understand that your pets are like your family. They spend evenings cuddled up on the couch with you, they’re there for you on a rough day, and they make your life better. Just like us, your precious pooches, cute kittens, and even more exotic animals need regular “haircuts.” However, as anyone with pets knows, getting your fur babies into the car and dragging them through the front door to an office can a tiresome task. When you’re looking for a dog salon, you might find yourself with the exasperated question: “are there any groomers near me?” Chances are, no matter where you live throughout Denver CO, our answer is “yes!” Mobile pet grooming allows your pets to get the primping they deserve without the nuisance of an office visit. Our spa on wheels comes directly to your door. Read on to find out more and contact us today to take advantage of our outstanding mobile grooming service!

How does mobile pet grooming work?


Primping your pets in a vehicle might sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple and sophisticated. Our cutting-edge mobile grooming salon is complete with everything we need to give your cat or dog the deluxe treatment. With a spacious interior, mobile dog grooming is easy. Your pooch can maneuver easily throughout the unit and enjoy the privacy of a personalized appointment, without other dogs in the way. Similarly, our baths, clippers, and other amenities are a mobile cat groomer’s dream.

Once we learn a little more about your pets, we’ll set up an appointment. We’ll park close to your home, pick up your cat or dog, and tend to his or her every need just steps from your home. After we’re finished, we’ll simply return your furry friend to you. There’s no need for you to fight traffic, make multiple trips, or even leave the house! An at home groomer is a perfect option for busy professionals, elderly pet parents, or anyone that simply wants to bypass the hassle of the grooming salon.

Our Work

Full Grooming


Bath & Brush

Why Mobile Grooming?

There are a number of benefits to mobile dog grooming. As the one of the top mobile dog groomers in Colorado Springs CO, Mobile Dog Grooming Colorado Springs CO delivers all of these benefits and more. Whether you’re interested in a simple dog bath or require our complete grooming package, here are some of the advantages to our mobile services:

Our Process Is Stress Free

Step 1

Call to schedule your pets appointment. Let us know how you want us to groom your pet. Be as detailed as you want!

Step 2

Upon our arrival, the groomer will review with you the service chosen and answer any questions you may have

Step 3

Your pet will then go with the groomer on-board our mobile salon to be pampered and groomed! Avg time: 1 – 1 1/2 hours

Pamper Your Pets At Home Where They Feel Most Comfortable

Our pets are an intricate part of family’s daily lives. They play in the mud, accompany you on adventures, and lay claim to our laps. So naturally, you want the best grooming services possible. Whether they’re a 100 lb. lap dog or an indignant feline, our mobile dog grooming service is the pet owner’s preferred choice for expert full service grooming 7 days a week. All units are self contained and offer all-natural and hypoallergenic products.Our pets are an intricate part of family’s daily lives. They play in the mud, accompany you on adventures, and lay claim to our laps. So naturally, you want the best grooming services possible. Whether they’re a 100 lb. lap dog or an indignant feline, our mobile dog grooming service is the pet owner’s preferred choice for expert full service grooming 7 days a week. All units are self contained and offer all-natural and hypoallergenic products.

About Mobile Dog Grooming Colorado Springs

What To Expect

You can expect the highest quality grooming and pet care available. We focus on building trusted, safe and stress-free relationships with pets. Best of all, getting started is easy! Fill out the Mobile Pet Grooming Colorado Springs contact form HERE with your information, the services you need and when you will be available.


Our friendly staff will discuss our services, any special accommodations your pet requires, and schedule an appointment with our mobile pet groomers near you. All mobile dog groomers are licensed and accredited.

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How Our Mobile Dog Grooming Service Works

If you’ve never enjoyed the advantages of a dog groomer or mobile cat grooming services, we understand that you might have a few questions. Below, we answer a few of the most common queries we get.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mobile Pet Groomer?

Mobile pet grooming is designed to provide grooming to your home or business. During conventional grooming, pets can become stressed out by being rushed, manhandled, or exposed to other pets – resulting in sickness or injury. Mobile Pet Grooming Colorado Springs CO offers an alternative solution, so your pet can relax in comfort. Other great benefits to mobile grooming include:

Pricing Table

Basic Package

$ 29
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Basic Package

$ 39
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Basic Package

$ 49
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Why Is It Important To Have Your Dog Groomed Regularly?

Your pet needs regular grooming basics like bathing, nail trims, ear and teeth cleaning to maintain optimum health. These basics help to prevent infections, irritations, and allows you to catch problematic health damage or injury. Contact us to schedule animal grooming near me.

Can Mobile Groomers Come To A Workplace Or Office As Well?

Yes. Being mobile means we are able to travel anywhere within our service region. If you have an office cat mascot requiring our services, please ask about our cat grooming near you!

Can The Groomers Accommodate All Sizes And Breeds Of Dogs?

Yes! The dog grooming services of Mobile Pet Grooming Colorado Springs CO can accommodate all dog breeds. Our full service groomers are trained specialists with stylish precision trimming of both long and short hair, as well as double coated dogs. Starting services with mobile dog groomers near me is easy!

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Mobile Pet Grooming FAQ's:

How far out will your mobile pet groomers drive?

Generally, we service the suburbs and surrounding areas of Colorado Springs CO major areas. Some groomers are willing to travel further than others, depending on their availability, so this may vary. No matter where you live, we’ll work to accommodate your request for an exceptional at home groomer.


Are all of your groomers licensed?

Absolutely! Our groomers are all accredited by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. You can find out more about each groomer’s particular qualifications when you call to schedule your appointment.


What’s included in a mobile grooming salon as opposed to a physical facility?

Our spacious units have virtually all the same tools, bathtubs, and counter tops of a physical facility. Since we are on wheels, we have our own generators and water tanks. Generally, our space is a bit smaller than that of a physical facility, but with more space per pet, since we only see one or two pets at a time. This individualized experience is much more comfortable and hygienic for your pets.


Are You Ready to Try Our Mobile Grooming Service

Have we got you wondering: “is there a mobile groomer in my area?” There most likely is! We travel all throughout Denver CO, bringing our convenient care to thousands of pets. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!